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Located in the gorgeous Northern Beaches, Tailored Teeth Mona Vale offers patients a premium experience utilising the latest technology and techniques to deliver optimal outcomes for patients.

Under New Management

We have new management at our clinic, and we are operating very differently. We are dedicated to providing a fantastic experience and placing our patients at the centre of all we do. Our team uses a tailored approach to care, adjusting therapies to fit the particular requirements of each patient. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and making your next dental appointment a positive experience, emphasising comfort and care.

At Tailored Teeth Mona Vale, we are proud to be the leaders in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry treatments on the Northern Beaches. We take a tailored approach to each patient’s needs and are committed to delivering high-quality care with compassion and expertise.

Dr Rick Iskandar

Dr Rick Iskandar leads a new generation of dedicated, energetic healthcare practitioners. With a fiery passion for his craft, Dr Rick provides dental care at the highest possible level, drawing on cutting-edge procedures and techniques from around the globe and combining them with exceptional talent to instigate and support a life-changing journey for his patients at Tailored Teeth.


We are delighted to offer our new patents:

No gap check-up and clean
$199 for patients not in a health fund.

What’s included? X-Ray, Clinical Photos, Consultation, Check-up, Cleaning, and Treatment Plan.

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