Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design or DSD, is an innovative approach to cosmetic dentistry that enables patients to view the end result prior to having the procedure performed.

The process involves digital photography and computer-aided design programs to assist dentists with planning cosmetic and restorative dental treatments more reliably, efficiently and effectively.

Patients and dentists can see the final result of the planned procedure thus improving accuracy and providing the opportunity for modifications and adjustments before the procedure. This approach then results in greater patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes.

In contrast to traditional cosmetic and restorative procedures solely focused on the jaw, teeth and gums, Digital Smile Design (DSD) takes into consideration the relationship between your mouth’s unique architecture, shape and form, as well as other facial features such as your lips, cheeks and eyes. The end result is a smile that is perfectly matched to your face.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design include:

  • Enhanced diagnostic abilities via intra and extra oral structural and aesthetic evaluation
  • Improved teamwork and communication resulting in superior results
  • Better predictability and efficiency by leveraging technology
  • Reliable outcomes and greater patient satisfaction
  • The ability of a patient to “co-design” their own smile with their dentist

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