Preventive Dentistry

What is preventative dentistry?

Our goal is to help you to achieve “Dentally fit and Healthy” status as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring confidence and pride to your

Do you need preventative dentistry?

To maintain your oral health, screen for systemic disease, prevent decay and gum disease and slow down the ageing process, everyone needs dental care at least twice a year. At Tailored Teeth we want you and your family to be our patients for life, so we take the time to provide solutions not just for today, but in consideration of your health and wellbeing over your lifetime.

Typical treatment journey

1 appointment


The team will take a full set of diagnostic records so you and Dr Rick can get a clear picture of your unique oral environment. By the end of this appointment, Dr Rick will be able to give you the most complete understanding of your dental situation, allowing for open and honest discussion and tailoring of your treatment plan to achieve your smile goals. You will receive a professional clean to start your dental journey with a hygienic and healthy environment.


A check-up and clean appointment will be scheduled biannually for the maintenance of your dental health and identification and diagnosis of potential problems before they affect your quality of life. During these appointments, your dental records will be updated, oral cancer and systemic diseases are screened for, dental disease is diagnosed and recorded if present and treatment planning is completed. A clean will also be completed to break-up and remove hard build-up that your toothbrush cannot, the teeth will then be polished to remove plaque and surface stains, and fluoride will be applied to to boost their strength and acid resistance.

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