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What are Dental Implants & the

Main benefits?


Do you want a long-term solution to rebuild your smile from its foundations?

The team at Tailored Teeth. led by Dr Rick Iskandar, are the local leaders in dental implants. We are proud to service the Sydney’s Inner West at our Burwood clinic.

If you are embarrassed to show your smile because you have lost teeth over time, dental implants can make you smile again.

Your dental implant
expert is here to guide you

Every patient is slightly different and has unique needs and it is impossible to ascertain suitability or the exact treatment or cost without an assessment by one of our dental implant experts.

How TEETH ON IMPLANTS® can enhance your smile

TEETH ON IMPLANTS® is a complete oral rehabilitation that will give you beautiful looking teeth and allow you to speak, smile and laugh with renewed confidence. Your new set of teeth will be perfectly aligned and have just the right shade to match the rest of your remaining natureal teeth if you choose to restore only one arch.

Single and multiple dental implants

Whether you require multiple implants or a single implant, our dental implant experts are jere to help you to get the smile you deserve.


  • Speak with confidence
  • Aim for minimal pain during treatment
  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • Long-lasting solutions for single or multiple missing teeth
  • Efficient treatment & recovery time
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Warranty provided on both prosthetics and implants for up to 10 years with regular maintenance
  • Conservative surgical approaches
  • Help prevent further bone loss associated with missing teeth


Before & After Case Studies


8 Reasons

Why TEETH ON IMPLANTS® is the perfect implant option


Performed by qualified implant experts

Local dental implant experts, Dr Ned Restom, Dr David Bassal and their teams have completed extnsive training specifically in TEETH ON IMPLANTS® and smile design. They are highly qualified and expertenced in the area and are aware of all the contributing factors that are neccessary to provide exceptional results for you and your smile.


Comfortable surgery

With TEETH ON IMPLANTS® you can enjoy a comfortable dental ecperience about all else. The procedure could be performed under sedation or general anesthetics in a private hospital. We also follow a thorough medication regime that will ensure minimal discomfort.


Digital Smile Design prior to treatment

Before your procedure you can view exactly what your new smile will look like and work together with your dentist to codesign your beautiful new smile.


Most advanced technology

With the latest implant design and scanning technology, TEETH ON IMPLANTS® work with world leaders in teeth and titanium bar designs that fit perfectly, every time.


Not just ALL On 4

With TEETH ON IMPLANTS® you can get as many implants as you require to ensure your full arch is secure, and at no additional cost.

The TEETH ON IMPLANTS® protocol has improved on outdated modes by enhancing your treatment, through the addition of more implants we aim for an


No unsightly gap

Unlike other implant approaches, with TEETH ON IMPLANTS® you will have no gap at the gum line giving you am ore comfortatable fir thanks to our cutting edge digital scanning methods. 


Material diversity

With the evolution of stronger, more lifelike materials TEETH ON IMPLANTS® offers you a material solution recreating your smile that is a class above the rest. 


Bone grafting

TEETH ON IMPLANTS® believes in giving you the best option every time, unlike other methods there is no extra charge for bone grafting to increase both volumes for the longesty of your smile! 

Tailored Teeth is an exclusive provider of TEETH ON IMPLANTS®

The TEETH ON IMPLANTS® system is a highly effective dental techinique provided by smile on Clinics dental practices that offers a permanent solution to missing teeth, The treatment refers to supporting all teeth on multiple Implants, making them look, feel and function just like natureal teeth. The procedure is particularly suitable for pariejnts who have numerous missing, decayed infected or broken/chipped teeth and unsuitable for other options.

Tailored Teeth are proud offer this at our Burwood dental clinic.

TEETH ON IMPLANTS® Treatment Price Guide

For the cost of TEETH ON IMPLANTS® to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth, see pricing guide tables below.

This is using a standard process imvolving an intial provisionnal set of teeth constructed using a dentrue like prothesis adapted over the dental implant, performed to high-quality standards by highly experienced and qualified implant dentists. 

Option 1

Payment in Stages

Option 2

Pay total upfront for reduced fee 

Option 3

Single implants 

Option 4

Removable teeth on implants 

Treatmentper Arch(upper or lower)Surgery with Temporary set of teethSusequent session(4-6 month later)Total Cost
Arylic Teeth (on a titanium bar)
Porcelain Teeth

Payment plan options are available

We understand that dental treatment can be costly, and we believe that everyone deserves to get the smile of their dreams which is why we offer a range of payment plan options. Our friendly team can run you through these during your consultation

Want to take the next stop towards getting the smile you deserve?