Repair your teeth

Unlike porcelain veneers which only cover the front surface of the tooth, dental crowns cover part of or the entire surface of tooth and are used to restore heavily decayed or damaged teeth or prevent fracture propagation in cracked teeth, or teeth weakened by root canal treatment.


We use the latest in 3D digital scanning and tooth milling equipment.


Most dental crowns are made with porcelain as a strong, highly durable material which can be made aesthetically indistinguishable from natural tooth in shade, transparency and texture.


Dental bridges are used to treat cases of missing or extracted teeth which leave large spaces in between functional teeth, in such cases the space is filled with a prosthetic porcelain tooth that is supported by crowns that are attached to the adjacent teeth.


At Tailored Teeth Dental and Cosmetics we will create a digital 3D scan your teeth to analyse your bite then design a crown to fit perfectly, matching the shade of your natural teeth all in one appointment.

The latest digital technology

After teeth whitening we can also help with teeth straightening, veneers and other dental services.

What's the Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics difference?

Our passion is creating amazing smiles

We look at your whole face - teeth, gums & facial features - to create a tailored dental treatment plan.


  • The latest digital dental technologies & equipment in a state of the art clinic.


  • We don't carry out a single service, we consider your overall goals and treatment needs, taking a holistic approach.


  • Dr Rick Iskandar is passionate about cosmetic dentistry with experience in hand crafting teeth to create the perfect smile.


  • We only support treatments which are safe, have proven results and are known techniques.


  • We only use real photos, of real patients. We don't put image library photos on our website or social media.

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