What are Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics Appointment Costs?

Dr Rick Iskandar has created an environment of healing, mutual understanding, respect in Burwood. Both Dr Rick and the Tailored Teeth Team foster a culture of care, understanding and true connection with our clients.

On occasion, special prices will be promoted on the website below, however we feel we wouldn't be living up to the 'Tailored Teeth' name by treating every set of teeth and client the same.

FOR THIS REASON, a $250, 90 minute induction will be required for all new patients to Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics to allow for the team to collect all records, consult you on your specific expectations and desires and understand you as an individual, allowing us to work at the highest level.

If you're curious but unsure of how to progress, a $50, 30 min consultation is also available if you would like to just meet the team before deciding we are the right fit for your dental health.



  • Consultation, followed by a 90 min in-chair whitening session*
  • *For patients with no existing dental disease ONLY. Consultation ($150) required; to be credited towards whitening if completed.


$1,200 per tooth
  • Dont let price hold you back from the perfect smile any longer.*
  • *Smile Makeover Package of 10 veneers ONLY. Consultation ($150) and smile design ($500) required at client's expense.

Tooth filling

$150 - $450 per filling
  • Remove decay and replace with aesthetic tooth-coloured white resin filling.

New Patient Induction

$250 First visit only
  • Consultation with Dr Rick, 3D Scan, x-rays and treatment plan. Havent been to the dentist for a while? This is the place to start!


$100+ per visit
  • Pricing will vary depending on the treatment required

Root canal

$1,000-$2000 per tooth
  • Remove infected nerve, clean, medicate canal, tooth is prepared for a crown.


$1,700-$2000 per tooth
  • Used to treat heavily decayed, cracked, broken or root canal treated teeth.

Teeth Whitening

$349-$700 per visit
  • In-clinic or take home professional teeth whitening options.

Composite Veneers

$650 per tooth
  • Prepare tooth surface for bonding, hand-layered veneers placed, sealed and polished to perfection

3D Digital Smile Design

  • Smile Design photos taken, 3D Smile Scan, custom templates created so you can see your smile makeover on your own teeth before deciding to go ahead with cosmetic treatment

Porcelain Veneers

$1800-$2000 per tooth
  • Consultation, 3D Digital Smile Design before approval, fabrication of porcelain veneers, test fit, final approval, bonding and review.

Flexible payment choices and support for all the major health funds.


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What's the Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics difference?

Our passion is creating amazing smiles

We look at your whole face - teeth, gums & facial features - to create a tailored dental treatment plan.


  • The latest digital dental technologies & equipment in a state of the art clinic.


  • We don't carry out a single service, we consider your overall goals and treatment needs, taking a holistic approach.


  • Dr Rick Iskandar is passionate about cosmetic dentistry with experience in hand crafting teeth to create the perfect smile.


  • We only support treatments which are safe, have proven results and are known techniques.


  • We only use real photos, of real patients. We don't put image library photos on our website or social media.

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